Lamberton Racing Pigeons

DIAMOND JILL - "Foundation Breeding Hen"
AU 2007 LAMB 124
Pencil White Flight Pied Female

DIAMOND JILL is a daughter of our foundation breeder, DIAMOND RIO.  DIAMOND JILL is a full sister to DIAMOND JACK and DIAMOND JACKIE and a half sister to COOL DIAMOND, the father of DE SINTA: a fantastic long distance ace!  Her father, DIAMOND RIO, is possibly the best Antoine Jacops breeder to ever come into the US!  Her mother is FLICKER, the nest mate to GFL's ROOSTER and a daughter of Flor Vervoort's PHANTOM owned by Mike Ganus.  DIAMOND JILL is one of our best breeding hens!

DIAMOND JILL has bred KATSUMOTO aka "Psycho"