Lamberton Racing Pigeons

DE SINTA (The Saint)
White Male

 DE SINTA is a beautiful white male with a dark-tipped tail who is named after Antoine Jacop's grandfather who was known as "De Sinta" (The Saint) because of his kindness and generosity to others in his village in Belgium.  DE SINTA is bred primarily from the pigeons of Antoine Jacops; but he is also a cross between several other of the best long distance pigeons over the past twenty years in the Belgian pigeon sport.  His father, COOL DIAMOND, and mother, GOLDEN MOON, are both first prize winners.  COOL DIAMOND is a son of DIAMOND RIO coupled with COOL LADYCOOL LADY has produced at least five top prize winners including two in the 2009 young bird race series.  DIAMOND RIO has sired several super pigeons including, (1) DIAMOND JACK - 4th National Ace Old Bird ARPU and AU ELITE CHAMPION #113 and (2) DIAMOND JACKIE, mother and grandmother to AU CHAMPION #1715 and over ten race winners and multiple top ten racers.  DIAMOND RIO is a son of Antoine Jacop's WHITE DIAMOND (breeding in Tulsa, OK) who is a son of the DIAMOND ACE - 1st Ace Long Distance Antwerp Union Belgium 1992 and premier son of Antoine Jacops' DIAMOND COUPLE.  His maternal grandfather is a second prize winner bred from several of the top white grizzles in Europe: the GOLDEN GRIZ and the GOLDEN WITTEN of Ludo Claessens.  His maternal grandmother, JERRIE JEFF, is a foundation breeder bred from the best pigeons of Antoine Jacops including the PEG LEG female which has been one of the top breeding females in our breeding loft. 


As a two year old, DE SINTA won 10th prize in the Oklahoma 400 mile race competing against 1295 pigeons from all over the state of Oklahoma.  He won 2nd prize in the Long Distance 600 mile Special race two weeks later.  Two weeks after the Special 600 mile race, he won 17th in the Oklahoma 600 mile Federation race against almost 500 pigeons from all over the state.  1600 miles of racing from two different directions (east and south) in just 30 days!!!  DE SINTA is typical of the Antoine Jacops' pigeons - extremely versatile from all directions: short, medium, long, and extreme long distances.