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In a continually expanding information-based world, tomorrow's working professionals are going to use knowledge that hasn't been discovered yet - become competent at technologies that haven't been invented yet - successfully interact with diverse cultures of people they haven't met yet, and to solve a myriad of problems that haven't been anticipated yet. The shelf-life for many skill sets in the current century's international workplace is extremely short. If academic institutions don't prepare students with sufficient learning strategies and functional social competencies now, working professionals may not be able to meet the needs of dynamic future societies and are apt to falter or fail as thoughtful, competent, and productive global citizens.  The Putting Sociology to Work link documents how to apply Sociology in the business and academic sectors.


Hi Dr Lamberton,
Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I enjoy your clips on YouTube. 
Regards, Dave Scott, Australia

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