in the private sector

I specialize in Putting Sociology to Work by applying social interaction, group dynamics and social systems theory to every-day life situations in the private sector  for diverse clients and organizations in environmental management, energy, agriculture, education, logistics and transportation, sports and charity.  My executive core competencies include generating value, creating opportunities, solving problems, designing solutions, and providing services for diverse companies in the private sector especially in business and industry.

I also Put Sociology to Work in the education of diverse students attending large state universities like the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Central Oklahoma; regional universities like Langston University, Northeastern State University, and Rogers State University; local colleges like Tulsa Community College; and private universities like Oral Roberts University and the University of Tulsa.  My academic core competencies include teaching and mentoring concurrent high school, college graduate and undergraduate students in sociology, environmental management and academic strategies courses.  I have managed graduate and undergraduate student programs that included internships solicited from many of my clients in the private and public sectors.

In a continually expanding information-based world, tomorrow's working professionals are going to use knowledge that hasn't been discovered yet - become competent at technologies that haven't been invented yet - successfully interact with diverse cultures of people they haven't met yet, and to solve a myriad of problems that haven't been anticipated yet. The shelf-life for many skill sets in the current century's international workplace is extremely short. If academic institutions don't prepare students with sufficient learning strategies and functional social competencies now, working professionals may not be able to meet the needs of dynamic future societies and are apt to falter or fail as thoughtful, competent, and productive global citizens.  An excellent  remedy to this situation is to teach students how to Put Sociology to Work,

The following applications reflect the organizations through which I have Put Sociology to Work.


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Graduate Program

Chemical Resources, Inc.

Lookout Mountain Ranch

Care Cubes

Lamberton Oil Company


Lamberton Racing Pigeons

Blue Skies Charity