Environmental Sociologist

Dr. John Lamberton is an environmental sociologist who assisted in creating Chemical Resources, Inc. (CRI), an environmental management company specializing in hazardous waste management.  CRI's brochure is pictured below.  CRI provided environmental management solutions on a variety of environmental problems to hundreds of industries and manufactures nationwide.  Dr. Lamberton has also testified at regulatory hearings, presented papers at environmental conferences concerning environmental management regulations, issues and problems and created judicial precedents through the legal system.

After the sale of Chemical Resources, Dr. Lamberton was recruited by the head of the Environmental Institute at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma to develop an Environmental Management Specialization for Masters and Doctoral students within the Environmental Science Graduate Program.  Starting with about a dozen graduate students, the graduate program grew to over one hundred graduate students.  Dr. Lamberton left the OSU graduate program in order to develop the Environmental Management Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  Dr. Lamberton continues to teach at several local universities and colleges.

The following pictures document the cleanup of a gasoline storage tank leak near a service station