Lamberton Racing Pigeons

AU 2009 ARPU 52458
Silver Male

PURPLE HAZE, is an incredibly beautiful rose-colored male that has almost lost the distinctive barring on his wings.  He is a strong medium sized male with a majestic head and wattle.  He looks very masculine; yet he is extremely quiet, gentle and well-behaved in his nest box.  He is one of my favorite widowhood males.  He has a rich violet eye that looks spectacular in the sunlight.  Due to his moult, he was heavily trained but unraced during the 2009 young bird race series.  His nest sister, 52459, was raced and was one of the best young females on the race team scoring the 3rd prize and 4th prize in consecutive weeks of racing in the club from 170 miles.  Her 4th prize was earned on a terrible smash race when she was the first bird home to the loft.  However, PURPLE HAZE may be a better racer than his nest sister.  He has an impeccable pedigree full of champion pigeons raced in Tulsa Oklahoma and the Antwerp Union Belgium.  See Reference birds below for more details. 

The father to PURPLE HAZE, the FIRST FLOR, is a fantastic son of the OBELIX, (1st Provincial Ace One Day Long Distance in the Antwerp Union Belgium for Willy Ceulemans) and the SAN ANTONIO QUEEN, the 1st AU Long Distance Ace in the State of Oklahoma USA in 2005.

The mother to PURPLE HAZE, the PETITE VALE, is a fantastic daughter of the GOLDEN VALE (1st Provincial Ace One Day Long Distance in the Antwerp Union Belgium for Willy Ceulemans) and the 407 Antoine Jacops hen that is a daughter of DIAMOND CHEX coupled with a daughter of the original MINIEM, an extreme long distance 1st Ace in the Antwerp Union for Antoine Jacops.

PURPLE HAZE is bred from some of the best long distance pigeons to ever race in the Antwerp Union for Antoine Jacops and Willy Ceulemans.



Record of Diploma Performance Calculation of Points  
Position Distance Date Speed Birds Lofts Position Distance (1%) Birds (1%) Points Per Race Total Points
2 409.008 6.5.2010 1609.079 53 5 19 4.09 .53 23.62 23.62
3 170.059 4.2.2011 1714.085 716 30 18 1.7 7.16 26.86 50.48
21 210.637 4.9.2011 1998.659 691 30 0 2.1 6.91 9.01 59.49
34 394.649 4.30.2011 1325.302 1158 66 0 3.94 11.58 15.52 75.01
2 406.184 5.28.2011 2144.692 630 61 19 4.06 6.30 29.36 104.37