Lamberton Racing Pigeons

AU 03 ARPU 19213
Blue Hen
Antoine Jacops Cross
SAN ANTONIO QUEEN was bred from a unique pair of foundation breeders.  Her Sire is a Herbot male from Jack Gordy with four 1st prizes   crossed on an Antoine Jacops female that was bred from Antoine's DIAMOND PAIR which would have made her a full sister to the SUPER ACE, the DIAMOND ACE, and the WITPEN ACE - among other children of this incredible pair of super breeders.  SAN ANTONIO QUEEN's nest sister, 19212 was also a great racer and breeder.  19212 bred AU 05 LAMBERTON 51 Blue male, and an AU Champion.  Her sisters 711 and 712 from 2001 were super racers and breeders.  711 bred the FIRST DIAMOND that is an AU Champion #1695.  Her brother 191 from 2005 bred MAVERICK, an AU Champion #1692.  A granddaughter of the FIRST DIAMOND, AU 07 TEAM 26, was an excellent racer and was sold to a fancier in Hawaii where she bred the best young bird in Hawaii in 2007. This is an excellent family of fast, tough, and powerful  short, middle and long distance racing pigeons.