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Proprietary Lecture Notes

Presentation Instructions:

Please study the following online resources carefully before you begin constructing your presentation: 

What is Cultural Anthropology?

Culture and the DYAD

Chapter 6 in online text

Give a 8 - 10 minute presentation in-class on a cultural topic of interest.  (Study each of the university links on  What is Cultural Anthropology? for guidance) You may choose any topic you wish whether we have covered it in class or it is something completely new and different. It may be a cultural topic within the United States, another country, or world-wide.  (Please review the university resources on What is Cultural Anthropology? webpage before choosing a topic) 

It will benefit you to choose a topic that you like, enjoy, and about which you feel passionate.  A enjoyable choice should improve your presentation.  Please discuss how the aspects of your topic in your presentation relates to Culture and the DYAD

Your presentation must be supported by a a visual aid such as Power Point, Presi, Google, or Emaze (or other visual computer-based application) during which you outline, analyze and present the current social-cultural topic or event that you have chosen.

Support your presentation with web-based information such as webpages or videos.  Appropriate and effective (YouTube or personal) videos are the most effective web-based support information.  Using an effective and interesting video may yield the highest score for this assessment metric on the score sheet.

Your presentation will be scored during and immediately after the conclusion of your presentation. 

You must submit the power point slide component of your presentation on Blackboard by 8 am on Monday, April 26 although you may edit your slides anytime before your presentation.

If you have a scheduling conflict when the presentation order is posted on PlayBook, please email me immediately and I will reschedule your presentation window. There are absolutely no make-ups if you do not give your presentation during the class time when it is scheduled.  

Presenters in order of appearance: 

Robyn Bigbee, Abi Morris, Savannah Keith, Romerrow Hoke, Chance Brauner, Elizabeth Record, Ethan Roider, Juliana Nave, Erica Cerda, Victoria Colon-Estrada, Odra Llanas Briones, Koda Williams, Maria Perdomo, Nathalie Gomez-Pinson, Maria Sanchez, Evelin Lozano-Romero, Alicia Hopoinka.

Presentation Score Sheet

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