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Presentation Assessment Rubric

Proprietary Lecture Notes

   Winners Do Things Others Won't Do

Assessment Criteria Points
1. Topic 10
Choose a cultural topic that you enjoy and you think your audience will enjoy listening to.  
2.  Discussion of Culture Component 25
Discuss the cultural aspects of your topic that are a function of the DYAD, i.e., how has social interaction contributed to your topic.  Discuss the cultural aspects of your topic in the context of material and non-material culture.  
2. Presentation (quality of delivery) 10
Do you present your topic as though you are familiar with it.  Did your practice your presentation. prior to giving it in class?  Do you involve and include your audience in your presentation?  Reading the text on your slides minimizes your presentation score.    
3. Composition (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) 5
Is your presentation well-organized and coherent?  
4. Reasonable and Understandable  5
Is your presentation reasonable and understandable?  
5.  Submission on BlackBoard 10
Was the slide component submitted on time?  
6. Web material (web pages, videos) 10
How well does the web information support and augment your presentation?  
7. Relevance and integration of supporting material 10
Is the web information relevant to the presentation and how well is it integrated into the presentation?   
8. Clarity and creative quality of slide component 5
Is your presentation clear and concise to your audience?  
9. Time of presentation (minutes) 5
Is How well does your presentation conform to the length of time guidelines?  
10. Class Interaction/Questions 5
Involve the audience in your presentation through the  usage of the chat, questions at the conclusion of your presentation, or some other strategy.  
TOTAL Score: 100






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