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Game Plan

Proprietary Lecture Notes

You should create and maintain a pdf file called GAME PLAN.  Publish a thoughtful and creative cover page that features a single or multiple photograph(s) and/or your own art work.  However, you may think of something content to include on your cover sheet.  The cover page can be black and white or color.  You may change your cover page anytime you wish.  In fact, changing your cover sheet is encouraged.  The cover page should also contain three lines of typing.  The first line should read "GAME PLAN."  The second line should read "Introduction to Sociology."  The third line should display your name.  The font you use for the three lines of typing should be large enough to read easily. 


Your GAME PLAN pdf file should include content Dividers with headers on the dividers that read GRADED ASSIGNMENTS, SYLLABUS, READING SCHEDULE, CALENDAR, NOTES, HAND-OUTS, AND CAMPUS SERVICES FLIERS.  You should store all of your course content in GAME PLAN. 


I will evaluate your GAME PLAN at the end of each quarter of the semester as indicated in the Course Schedule for quality, content, appearance, organization and completeness.  The evaluations are worth a maximum of 25 points each.  The total score possible for GAME PLAN is 100 points.  GAME PLAN can be used as a reference document for each four scheduled Formal Exams. 

TGAME PLAN measures student competencies in note-taking, information organization, acquiring and evaluating information, organizing and maintaining files, time management, comprehension and reliability.

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