Lamberton Racing Pigeons

BELG 2004 6648952
Blue Male
Magnificent Breeder of Winning Racing Pigeons

1st National Ace Belgium 1996
SUPERMAN is one of our best breeding racing pigeons imported from Antoine Jacops, Vorselaar Belgium.  SUPERMAN'S mother, the KANNIBAALTJE, is a full sister to the infamous KANNIBAALSUPERMAN'S father, the JONGE SUPER ACE, is a fantastic son of the two time 1st Provincial Ace in the Antwerp Union, the SUPERACE when he was coupled with a full sister to a 1st National winner from the Van Laer Brothers.  The SUPERACE is one of the best racing and breeding sons of the 1st Olympiade winner, the KLEINE CAHORS when he was coupled with a daughter of the PLAYBOY.  Willy Van Berendonk, a friend of Antoine Jacops in Belgium, owned an excellent breeding son of Karel Meuleman's infamous GOLDEN COUPLE.  Antoine Jacops purchased three full sons of Van Berendonk's excellent Meuleman breeder that Jacops named, the PLAYBOY, the GESCHIFTE and the WRONG WILLY, from an auction of Willy Van Berendonk's Meuleman pigeons.  So it is very easy to see why SUPERMAN is such a super breeder by detailing the excellent racing pigeons in his pedigree.  SUPERMAN is also a full brother to SUPERBOY, a prepotent breeder owned by Lamberton Racing Pigeons that has bred many head prize winners, two AU ELITE CHAMPIONS, and a 2nd National HALL OF FAME winner in 2012.