Lamberton Racing Pigeons

AU 2009 ARPU 52487
Blue Hen

JENNY JEFF is a daughter of the KLEINE BLAUWE WITPEN which is a son of the JENNY ACE: the 14th Ace Middle Distance Pigeon Belgium in 2002.  JENNY ACE is bred from a "hit pair" of Antoine Jacops breeders - the GENOPTE PECHVOGEL and the KLEIN BLAUW WESTERLOO.  JENNY JEFF'S mother is a daughter of the SCHOON WITZWING which is a full sister to JENNY ACE.  Consequently, JENNY JEFF is line bred to this "hit pair of Antoine Jacops bred down from the PECHVOGEL line of super racing pigeons.  JENNY JEFF is a great breeder! In her first breeding season, JENNY JEFF bred AU 2011 LAMBERTON 31 blue hen that was an outstanding racer in the 2011 young bird race season scoring a 3rd prize, two 5th prizes and a 6th prize from 100 to 300 miles.

(Picture taken during fall moult)