Lamberton Racing Pigeons

Blue Male


The YOUNG GUSTAAF is probably the most beautiful male we have ever bred at Lamberton Racing Pigeons.  He was bred from the super speed pigeons of Gustaaf Cuypers, southern Belgium, who was deceased at the time we obtained his pigeons.  We imported the YOUNG GUSTAAF'S parents into the United States in 2006.  His SIRE we called GUSTAAF and was one of Cuyper's best breeders.  His mother was the OLD CHRISTINE that raced well in Belgium and was the niece of GUSTAAF.  Consequently, the YOUNG GUSTAAF is prepotent due to his pedigree that reflects that he is from an uncle-niece pairing.  There is not much documentation on the Cuypers pigeons as Gustaaf Cuypers was not a serious record keeper. 

However, Cuypers loved to play the short distance in the southern Belgian Province of Brabant.  His pigeons were very fast in order to compete with fanciers in the middle and north of Belgium since Cuyper's loft was located in southern Belgium nearer the race stations in France.  In addition to several excellent racing pigeons, the YOUNG GUSTAAF bred SOFIE that prized in seven of eight young bird races and was retired to the breeding loft at the end of her yearling race season 2.5 AU points away from earning an AU Championship.  We decided that 2.5 points was not worth not having her as one of our primary young breeding hens during the next breeding season and beyond.  That decision was one of our best decisions since SOFIE has been a tremendous breeder.