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Feeding Young Birds

Feeding Young Widowhood Males in the Nest Box -  There are many ways to feed racing pigeons in the loft.  Some fanciers feed in "hoppers" or various types and sizes of containers.  Other fanciers prefer to feed their racing pigeons on a clean floor.  Still other fanciers feed their racers individually in a nest box.  This video introduces the concept of feeding widowhood racing pigeons - young males in this case - in their nest box.  After the nest box is thoroughly scraped and cleaned, the widowhood racers and their mates are fed "soup spoonfuls" of three items: pickstone, grit and mixed grain. European medicines and supplements are often recommended to be administered by the "soup spoonful" in the dosage directions.  This video introduces the "soup spoon" to those fanciers who may not use it as a measuring devise and recommends using a soup spoon to feed widowhood racers individually in their nest box on a daily basis.