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Basic Loft Design

Basic Loft Design - Lamberton racing pigeons enter or "trap" through the same portal (opening) into a common foyer (room) in the pigeon loft for their entire life cycle.  Their pigeon loft is built in a cross (click for  diagram) with three large sections (lofts), a common foyer or entry room, and a landing area.  One of the three large sections is a breeding loft for prisoners, retired racers, and other stock birds, i.e., late hatches.  A second large section is a young bird loft and the third large section is an old bird loft.  Consequently, young birds are hatched in the breeding loft, weaned and raced in the young bird loft, graduated to the old bird loft, and retired to the breeding loft where they breed more young birds.  This video introduces their unique basic loft design which reflects the life cycle of the racing pigeons that Dr. Lamberton has developed over a lifetime of trial and error and from visiting the lofts of many successful fanciers from Belgium and the Netherlands.