Lamberton Racing Pigeons

Website Introduction

Website Introduction - Jeff Lamberton and Dr. John Lamberton believe that the racing pigeon sport can be an excellent family hobby for people of any age all over the world.  They play the racing pigeon game to enjoy their champion homing pigeons as unique and majestic athletes.  They like to compete in both young bird and old bird pigeon races from all distances: short, middle and long.  They especially love the thrill of finding their pigeons on the sky's horizon as they wing their way back home from far away places.  They play the racing pigeon game for fun!  This video introduces through which the Lamberton's discuss all aspects of the racing pigeon sport from (1) a scientific perspective, from (2) the perspective of Lamberton Racing Pigeons, and from (3) the perspectives of Antoine Jacops and the other legendary pigeon fanciers who mentored Dr. Lamberton in Belgium over the past several decades.