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Over the years, fanciers have asked me to discuss what I have learned and experienced from my relationships over my lifetime with international racing pigeon fancier Mike Ganus, Belgian master racing pigeon fancier Antoine Jacops and many of the other prominent and successful racing pigeon fanciers in Belgium.  We have also been asked to share the simple management and training program that we have developed from listening to our mentors as well as from a long process of trial and error that has allowed us to consistently play the racing pigeon game at the top of the race sheet.    Since this web site has previously been used as a teaching tool in the academic fields of sociology and psychology at seven Oklahoma colleges and universities since 1997, now that I am retired, we utilize this web site as a teaching tool for fanciers in the Racing Pigeon Sport; in addition to inquisitive members of the general public.  When "blogging" became a cutting-edge method of communicating and dispersing information on the internet, I began writing a blog in 2007.  In 2010, Jeff Lamberton joined Lamberton Racing Pigeons, began racing from his own loft on the Ranch and began regularly contributing to the BLOGS, VLOGS, general website information and DVDs.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage fanciers to develop the attitudes and skills necessary to thoroughly enjoy their hobby and their pigeons; and to consistently play the racing pigeon game at the top of the race sheet.  Jeff and I are transparent with readers by covering every facet of the racing pigeon game in a way that is practical and understandable.  No tricks.  No magic.  No secrets.  Just sound, dependable, common sense strategies, opinions and advice.  Because people are the true focal point of the racing pigeon game, we often discuss the roles that people play in the game.  Pigeons don't build lofts.  Pigeons don't buy feed.  Pigeons don't drive training trucks.  People do.  People are as much a part of the discussion of the Racing Pigeon Sport as any other topic.  Because of our professional credentials in the academic fields of sociology and psychology, we have unique perspectives to discuss the topic of people in the Sport, in addition to the traditional topics of pigeons, feed, medications, etc.  The information in the blog should not be characterized as either right or wrong.  The information simply represents our personal perspectives and experiences.  We do not think that we know all there is to know about the racing pigeon game.  Racing pigeons in other parts of the world may be very different that racing pigeons in Oklahoma USA and Brabant Province Belgium.  But since we have played the game successfully in the USA and Belgium and we have mentored fanciers who have increased their enjoyment of playing the game and improved the success of their pigeons on the race sheet, we believe that these accomplishments lend credibility to the information in this website and legitimizes the voracity of our opinions, attitudes and beliefs.  We strongly believe that there are important fundamental similarities and generalities within the racing pigeon game that apply to fanciers world-wide; and we have the passion to risk sharing our perspectives with a global racing pigeon internet community in order to improve the personal satisfaction and happiness of every fancier that finds their way to this site.