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   Winners Do Things Others Won't Do


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California Power Outages
Why are States Growing or Shrinking
American Airlines Gender Options
Quicken Loans Customer Service
Toxic People
Easy Jet Changing Its Tune
Solitary Confinement
Chief Franklin Committed to Community Policing
Snow Moon
Life is a Terminal Illness
Felton Angus Ranch Bull Sale
Joe Biden Plagarism
Cyber Warefare Common Doctrine
Indonesia Female Flogging Unit
Language Shapes the Way People Think
School Tells Second Teen to Cut Dreadlocks
Adoption Agencies to Reject LGBTQ Applicants
Ball State Professor Calls Cops
Restrictions For Service Animals on Planes
Judge Rules Against Topless Woman in Garage
Man Kills Trump Supporting Boss
Contaminated Water
Tap Water
IRS Biggest Concerns
Malaysia Returning Plastic Waste
Royal Titles
Circuit Preachers
An Oasis in a Desert of Customer Service
To Build a Strong Culture, Create Rules That Are Unique to Your Company
3 Signs You’re the Toxic Person in Your Workplace
The Tricks to Make Yourself Effortlessly Charming
Deterring Transients from Setting up Camp in Oakland
Levi's or Wranglers: Which jeans do Republicans and Democrats prefer?
Long-Disproven Body Stereotypes
Cultural Change:  Language - "OK BOOMER"
Trans Kids & School Sports
Depression: Daylight Savings Time

Statistical Normality
Wealth Redistribution and the Puritan Work Ethic
The New Economy & Holiday Sales
Gender: Pink or Blue?
Gender: Gay Activism

Labeling theory video 
Racism:  African American Security Guard Fired?
Racism: Biased Health Care Algorithm
Armenian Genocide
Unions: United Auto Workers
Tesla Doors Wouldn't Open
Cultural Values: Animal Cruelty
Be A Better Speaker

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