Dr. John Lamberton, Clinical Sociologist



Proprietary Lecture Notes

You may access our virtual classroom by clicking on the Video Conference link in TCC Blackboard on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Our virtual meetings will be at 9:30am, 12:20pm and 1:50pm.  You may access the virtual classroom between 9;15am-9:30am; 12:05pm-12:20pm; and 1:35pm-1:50pm.  I will not enter the classroom until class is scheduled to begin.  When you enter our virtual classroom, unmute your microphone and start your video. 

Our original syllabus stated each student must have Mandatory Computer Access. Please Review.

Our virtual classroom will operate very much like our physical classroom.  Let's review several online course requirements: 

I expect everyone to enter the classroom on time.  Late entries will receive a penalty according to the Syllabus Addendum (Please Review). I will take Attendance online.  You should participate in class discussions.  You should ask questions either via audio or by chatting.  Most importantly, since most of us will be video conferencing in our homes, please eliminate all distractions during class.  That means, limit family, i.e., parents, siblings and pets from entering the classroom.  Turn off your phones, radios, and televisions.  If you are using your phone to VC, obviously you must have it turned on.  Ask friends and family not to contact you during class time unless its an emergency.  Make your family aware that class is in session and to lower their voices while we are in class.  If you have a camera, I expect you to appear in our classroom.  If that means getting dressed, making your bed, combing your hair, or putting on makeup (cleaning your room and personal appearance is optional), please do so.  Just as before, I want you to be comfortable while online.  If you want to eat or drink that's ok by me.  I may do the same.  I want us to be studious while also enjoying the remainder of the semester as we continue to study the wonderful world of Sociology. Try to create the same academic atmosphere and standards online that we enjoyed in our physical classrooms at TCC-West and UHS. It maybe harder than you think maintaining control of your classroom deportment at home.  It may require tact and communication skills with family and friends; but I know each one of you can do it.