Lamberton Racing Pigeons

AU 2009 ARPU 64715
Blue Male

TIM TEBOW is a son of SAINT STEPHEN: an excellent breeding son of SAINT TRIDEN: a long distance Meuleman bred by Hillaire Surinx in St. Triden Belgium.  The mother of SAINT STEPHEN is a remarkable Meuleman hen bred down from Karel Meuleman's KADET (a son of the GOLDEN COUPLE) and several excellent Meulemans from Antoine Jacops pigeons including the GESCHIFTE and the PLAYBOY. The GESCHIFTE and PLAYBOY are full brothers that are sons of DEN 78000, a son of Karel Meuleman's GOLDEN COUPLE owned by Willy Van Berendonk.  TIM TEBOW's mother, LIBERTY BELLE,  is a hen purchased from Mike Ganus featuring the GOLDEN MATTENS and his niece crossed on Gaby Vandenabeele's KOLONEL, the 5th National Ace Long Distance, and Flor Engel's LIBERTY, a granddaughter of his foundation breeder, the "231."  On 4.25.2010, TIM TEBOW won 1st prize club and 2nd prize combine on a hard 300 mile race with headwinds.  On 5.21.2011, he won 1st Club, 1st Combine and 1st Federation competing against 400 pigeons on another hard 300 mile race.  Like his namesake, TIM TEBOW is as tough as they come.



Record of Diploma Performance Calculation of Points  
Position Distance Date Speed Birds Lofts Position Distance (1%) Birds (1%) Points Per Race Total Points
1 303.679 4.25.2010 1250.408 86 5 20 3.04 .86 23.90 23.90
6 409.008 6.5.2010 1597.474 185 21 15 4.09 1.85 21.75 45.65
1 317.574 5.21.2011 1532.087 400 28 20 3.17 4.00 27.17 72.82