Lamberton Racing Pigeons

BELG 05 6046875
Blue White Flight Male
Antoine Jacops

SUPER JEF is one of the best breeders that we have ever imported from Antoine Jacops.  We believe his prepotency comes straight out of his pedigree.  He is the product of an aunt-nephew pairing.  SUPER JEF's father is a full brother to his maternal grandmother.  His father is a pairing between the great SUPER ACE crossed on the KANNIBAALTJE, a full sister to the KANNIBAAL, the 1st National Middle Distance Ace in Belgium in 1996.  The SUPER ACE is a two-time 1st Middle Distance Ace in Hafo Lier the Antwerp Union in 1988 and 1989.  The is a product of Antoine's top breeding couple, the DIAMOND COUPLE.  Antoine out crossed the aunt-nephew pairing with a pigeon he called the JEF, a two-time 1st prize winner in the Hafo Lier Club in the Antwerp Union.  The JEF is a grandson of the SUPER ACE.

SUPER JEF has bred AU 2011 LAMBERTON 42 white hen and AU 2011 LAMBERTON 112 among other excellent pigeons.