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After earning graduate degrees in Sociology, Dr. John Lamberton applied his academic education in  private sector pursuits that include business, logistics and transportation, environmental management, energy, agriculture, sports, mental health, and charitable organizations while teaching, conducting research and creating organizational strategies in multiple Oklahoma colleges & universities.  Based upon a life-time of experience and accomplishments in the academic and private sectors, Dr. Lamberton believes that PUTTING SOCIOLOGY TO WORK will significantly enhance students' abilities to achieve greater success in their personal and professional endeavors.

In a continually expanding information-based world, tomorrow's working professionals are going to use knowledge that hasn't been discovered yet - become competent at technologies that haven't been invented yet - successfully interact with diverse cultures of people they haven't met yet, and to solve a myriad of problems that haven't been anticipated yet. 

The shelf-life for many skill sets in the current century's international workplace is extremely short. If academic institutions don't prepare students with sufficient learning strategies and functional social competencies now, working professionals may not be able to meet the needs of dynamic future societies and are apt to falter or fail as thoughtful, competent, and productive global citizens.  The innovative instructional pedagogues that I have created uniquely teach students to "put sociology to work" in the private sector after graduation.

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 the control room of a Energy-from-Waste incinerator. 

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