In a continually expanding information-based world, tomorrow's working professionals are going to use knowledge that hasn't been discovered yet - become competent at technologies that haven't been invented yet - successfully interact with diverse cultures of people they haven't met yet, and to solve a myriad of problems that haven't been anticipated yet. 

The shelf-life for many skill sets in the current century's international workplace is extremely short. If academic institutions don't prepare students with sufficient learning strategies and functional social competencies now, working professionals may not be able to meet the needs of dynamic future societies and are apt to falter or fail as thoughtful, competent, and productive global citizens.  One positive educational remedy for this universal reality is for sociology students to develop the social and educational skills to "put sociology to work" in the private sector.  I believe that the courses I teach online and in the classroom will accomplish this critical goal.

Consequently, I am launching an exciting new program to offer my cutting-edge courses to diverse college and university sociology and environmental programs over the World Wide Web. This includes your program. "Putting sociology to work" in the private sector has allowed me to build innovative instructional pedagogues that I have tested in multiple college and university classrooms in Oklahoma.  I have discovered that undergraduate students comprehend and learn much more course content through applied teaching pedagogues than they learn from standard content organization and teaching methods that have lost their shelf-life.  I believe that applied instructional pedagogues are necessary to bridge the gap between the theoretical study of sociology and the applied realities of the private sector.

My employment history is very unique compared with the traditional careers of cohorts who accepted college and university employment teaching Sociology right out of graduate school.  My resume includes "putting sociology to work" in environmental management, energy, agriculture, logistics and transportation, sports, mental health and charitable business organizations. I have also enjoyed using my cutting-edge teaching pedagogues in sociology and environmental management programs at multiple colleges and universities.  I have taught courses as a graduate intern, an adjunct, full-time professor and program director providing organizational development strategies.

I now want to "put sociology to work" teaching these innovative undergraduate and graduate courses over the Internet at your college or university. My current sociology and environmental courses include but are not limited to:

  • Introductory Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Applied Sociology or Sociological Practice
  • Urban Sociology
  • Globalism
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Environmental Management
  • ISO International Standards
  • Academic Strategies

I particularly enjoy teaching Introductory Sociology to freshman and sophomore students because of my experience teaching Academic Strategies which is a course designed to guide students to quickly become the best possible self-regulated learners they can be. The infusion of key Academic Strategies into Introductory Sociology courses will boost students' understanding of Sociology and increase their ability to "put sociology to work" after graduation.

I will use the text and content inherent in your departmental courses which will be supported by my website.  My website includes new videos, blogs, podcasts and real time video streaming which will be ready for the 2019 fall semester. In addition, parts of my website are currently under reconstruction to reflect new sociological content. I will also custom build new cutting-edge courses for your sociology or environmental program that reflect the continuous changes in legislation, society and culture.  The time-line for teaching these courses is very flexible. Courses can be offered during four, eight- or sixteen-week formats within fall, spring, and summer semesters and mini-mesters.  I am proficient using the Blackboard teaching platform. If your institution uses a teaching platform other than Blackboard, I will quickly learn to use your departmentís platform.

Most undergraduate students enter the workplace after graduation.  Sociology majors, in particular, should be readily employable. Students also want to be successful.  I have found that sociology is a powerful academic discipline that can translate into student success in the workforce. My courses feature applied pedagogies developed from lessons learned in the private sector that enable students to "put sociology to work."

Over the past ten years, sociology enrollment has been declining. Incoming freshman students often tell me that they have no concept of the discipline of Sociology while they do have a basic understanding of the disciplines of Psychology, Biology, Business, Accounting and Engineering to name a few. I believe that this generic gap is a crushing obstacle that faculty must overcome through their instruction to prevent Sociology from becoming an frivolous academic discipline. Sociology graduates should be employable without significant re-training of their college education.

The evaluations of my teaching methods are reflected in excellent student evaluations. I believe that my courses will lead to increased student interest and enrollment in your Sociology program. You may add flexibility to faculty teaching assignments. Rather than searching for qualified adjunct faculty who are readily prepared to teach the latest course content, please add my name to your list of adjunct faculty and quickly access my courses. Mitigate faculty illness or other unscheduled instructional interruptions by initiating my courses in a matter of moments.  Implementing my online course proposal now will easily prepare your department to quickly feature high-quality applied courses to your departmentís curriculum.

Ensure that decreased student enrollment in your Sociology program will not result in permanent impairment. "Put Sociology to Work" in your sociology program and immediately begin educating your students to "Put Sociology to Work" to become more successful in the workforce after graduation. Thank you. Dr. John Lamberton