2019 Student Fotos

Classrooms are diverse places. Students have different cultures, backgrounds, abilities, and other characteristics.  Students often feel the strain of trying to fit in at school, with different social cliques and groups forming and disbanding as students move from one grade of school or one classroom to the next. It is often the members of minority groups who feel the strain of not belonging the most.   A new environment, such as a new classroom can be especially daunting.

The core of a “safe place” culture in the classroom equates to having positive relationships with others and feeling committed to others through a shared interest or way of life. Uncovering seemingly trivial similarities among students could help to ease the strain of such worries.   This could be something small like a shared interest as well as a shared culture or some other source of identity.

HALLOWEEN 2019: Aalijah, Naomi, Maria, Kimmey, Nafisa 

Belonging to a student-learning community can be the foundation of learning in classroom.  Belonging is extremely important for many elements of academic success including motivation and confidence. Students are similar to one another and can help each other feel a sense of belonging. This can not only undermine academic performance, but also negatively impact health and well-being.    



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