Proprietary Lecture Notes

Normality, Deviance & Judgment

Normality (according to David Dalton) is a collective social perception that exists in culture and a personal belief that resides in the SUPEREGO aspect of personality according to Sigmund Freud or the ME aspect of personality according to George Herbert Mead.

Is Normality actually Insanity according to

In our society, the individuals who make the rules are those in power or in control of the direction of society. This means we have a group of people who set the direction of what is normal.  However, in a consumer-based society, the buying public often constructs many of the important elements of culture.

  How do you perceive normality in others?

 Do you believe that you are normal and act normally?

 Do you feel like a normal person?

The following article is a discussion of mental health according to the Mayo Clinic.