SOCI 1113 Ė Introduction to Sociology
Dr. John Lamberton, Instructor
Spring Semester 2020

 If you require success before commitment, you will have neither. Seth Godin


All of your Assignments are scheduled in GAME PLAN.  You will be regularly assessed over the Course Content and Learning Objectives through metrics that include exit surveys, formal exams, unannounced quizzes, journal writing assignments, class projects, presentations, class discussions, class participation and attendance.

Successful students donít have things happen to them.  They do things.  Seth Godin 



You should create and maintain a personal copy of PLAYBOOK in a three-ring BINDER, bring it to the first day of class and continue to bring your PLAYBOOK to class every class period.  The PLAYBOOK BINDER must have a plastic cover.  Publish a thoughtful and creative PLAYBOOK BINDER cover sheet that you slide inside the plastic cover of the BINDER.  The cover sheet is your own personal creation.  It may feature items such as a single or multiple photograph(s), a collage of some type and/or your own art work.  However, you may think of something content to include on your cover sheet.  The cover sheet can be black and white or color.  You may change your cover page anytime you wish.  In fact, changing your cover sheet is encouraged.  The cover sheet should also contain three lines of typing along with your visual creation.  The first line should read "PLAYBOOK."  The second line should display your name.   The third line should read "Introduction to Sociology."  The font you use for the three lines of typing should be large enough to read from a distance.  Probably at least a 24-point font.  If you have major questions about the Binder assignment, you may email me anytime.  However, give it a try.  See what you can do.


The PLAYBOOK BINDER should include content Dividers or Tabs that are labeled with headers on the Tabs on the dividers that read GAME PLAN, SYLLABUS, CALENDAR, NOTES, GRADED ASSIGNMENTS, HAND-OUTS, AND CAMPUS SERVICES FLIERS.  You will store your course content in PLAYBOOK We may add additional dividers should it become necessary. 


PLAYBOOK may also be created and maintained on a laptop or tablet as long as the electronic file contains all the required documents in ONE complete pdf file.  (Hardcopy handouts and returned assignments should be scanned and filed as part of your electronic file).


I will evaluate your PLAYBOOK at the end of each quarter of the semester for quality, content, appearance, organization and completeness.  The evaluations are worth a maximum of 25 points each.  The total score possible for the PLAYBOOK BINDER is 125 points.  The PLAYBOOK BINDER can be used as a reference during each five scheduled Formal Exams. 


The PLAYBOOK BINDER measures student competencies in note-taking, information organization, acquiring and evaluating information, organizing and maintaining files, time management, comprehension and reliability.



I do not discriminate in any way on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or national origin in my instruction or in the classroom.  My policy is designed to create a safe and productive learning environment for all students.



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