Dr. John Lamberton, Clinical Sociologist


Wealth, Mobility, Inequality and Exclusion

      Proprietary Lecture Notes


Thoroughly study the web page on Inequality, Social Mobility and Wealth.  Write a thoughtful Journal about Wealth, Mobility, Inequality and Exclusion in your own personal experience. 

Have you ever felt socially excluded intentionally or unintentionally?  What do you think about the RICH VS POOR MINDSET video?  Do the ideas presented affect your thoughts about wealth? 

Also, consider the ideas presented in the HOW TO BECOME RICH video.

   Several discussion topics that might stimulate your thinking include:

  • What are your career plans as far as you have determined them as sophomores in high school? 

  • Do you believe in the Protestant Work Ethic?  Do your parents or surrogate parents belief in this work ethic?  How do you think your beliefs play a part in your current activities and future plans.

  • Do you feel socially excluded in any way?  If so, how does your feeling manifest itself in your life?

  • Do you feel like you have access to social resources to make you successful in life?  In your future career plans?  Do you feel like you have the opportunity to be successful in your future plans?

  • What type of social mobility do you want to experience based upon your future career plans?

  • What role does wealth, power and prestige play in your future career plans?

  • Are you concerned about your current socioeconomic status?

IMPORTANT: It is entirely possible that your Journal may be longer than two pages.  You will be scored on how well you complete the assignment.  Trying to complete this assignment in two pages may or may not result in a poor score unless you are able to skillfully finish this assignment in two pages or less. 


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