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Proprietary Lecture Notes

Type a title page. 

(1) Your name

(2) Introduction to Sociology

(3) Journal:  Culture

(4) Due September 22 at 11:59 pm

Write a Journal that is a minimum of two pages in length excluding the Title Page.  If you desire, your Journal can be longer if your creative introspective thoughts require more space.  Write an introspective Journal.  Write your Journal articles as many times as you must to fully communicate and clarify your thoughts and feelings so that you may gain valuable self-knowledge through writing the Journal assignments throughout the semester. 

Discuss culture within the social culture of your own family and in the confines of your own mind by answering the following  questions:

(1) Discuss 3 sociological concepts in Chapter 4 on Socialization.

(2) Apply each concept you select to an actual social event or activity (give an example of each concept) in the private sector (business, industry, manufacturing, government, non-profits organizations, or the military).

You may also include any thoughts you have beyond the confines of these questions in your Journal.    Your Journal should be introspective.  Carefully consider the Journal questions before you begin writing.  Consider the truthfulness of your thoughts and share them in your writing.

If your Journal assignment is not submitted by the due date, it will be considered late and will be subject to the late submission terms of the Syllabus

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