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      Proprietary Lecture Notes  

After reading
Chapter 4 in your online text and viewing the page links on Socialization, please write a Journal about the concept of Socialization as it is found in your own personal experience.  Please think about Socialization in a general context and upon you and your family in particular.  If there is something about socialization in your life that is not reflected in these questions, please begin your Journal with a section expressing your own thoughts.  Then, answer the following questions by sharing the answers in terms of your own personal situation.   

              (1) How does socialization shape a person's self-image?  How did socialization shape your self-image?  Have you ever been isolated or bullied?  Has fear ever been a part of your socialization?

        (2) What does Cooley mean by looking glass self?

        (3) How does Mead explain people taking the role of the other?

         (4) What are the basic agents of Socialization?

                      (5) How did you learn about your culture?

                      (6) How do you accept the definition of yourself that you learned from your family and other members or institutions of our society.

                      (7) What impact do you think that isolation have on children (i.e., "feral children")?  Are you aware of friends or acquaintances that may have suffered the effects of isolation on their social development?  


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