Dr. John Lamberton, Clinical Sociologist




Proprietary Lecture NotesALING

Normality, Variation & Judgment

Journaling has several important cognitive functions that I would like you to experience writing your Journals.  Please read, re-read and fully understand the following instructions for the form of all of your Journal articles.   

If you have not already done so, read and comprehend this Journaling link which can also be found at the top of GAME PLAN.    

Type a title page and attach it to the front of your Journal article.  Use one-inch margins and a Times New Roman 16 font on the title page. Type the following four lines of text on the title page: 

(1) Your name

(2) Introduction to Sociology

(3) Journal #1 Normality, Variation & Judgment

(4) The date that the assignment is due. 

Write and re-write a Journal that is a minimum of two pages in length.  If you desire, your Journal can be longer if your creative and introspective thoughts require more space.  Type your Journal with a Times New Roman 12-point font.  Use one-inch margins.  Double space your Journal article.  Include a title page and staple it to the top left corner of your Journal article.  Double space four lines of text on the title page:  your name, Introduction to Sociology,  Journal #1 Normality, Variation & Judgment, and the date that the assignment is due.  Use one-inch margins and a Times New Roman 16 font on the title page.  Center the text at the top of the title page.

Your Journal must be a minimum of three pages which includes the title page.

Write an introspective Journal.  Write your Journal articles as many times as you must to fully communicate and clarify your thoughts and feelings so that you may gain valuable self-knowledge through writing the Journal assignments throughout the semester.  As it is written in the Journaling link and as we discussed in class, normality is a social perception that exists in culture and resides in personal beliefs. Discuss normality within the social culture of your own family and in the confines of your own mind by answering the following  questions:

(1) How do you perceive the boundaries of normality in your family?

(2) Do you believe that you are normal and act normally?

(3) Do you feel like you agree with the definitions of normality in your family or are there things you want to do that your family considers outsides the boundaries of their definition of normality?

(4) Assess your personal ability to judge whether something is normal.  

(5) How do you analyze personal risk?

You may also include any thoughts you consider beyond the confines of these questions in your Journal. 

Your Journal should be introspective.  Carefully consider the Journal questions before you begin writing.  Consider the truthfulness of your thoughts and share them in your writing.

You will be assessed on the form of the Journal according to my instructions and will not be assessed over your introspective thoughts.  Bring a completely finished Journal assignment with you at the beginning of class on the due date.  If your Journal assignment is not completely ready under these terms, it will be considered late and will be subject to the late submission terms of the Syllabus detailed in Section (9) LATE ASSIGNMENTS AND MAKE-UP WORK under GRADING POLICY and ASSIGNMENT LIST.  Access your Syllabus link on Blackboard to re-read this Section.