Dr. John Lamberton, Clinical Sociologist
Putting Sociology to Work


Journal #1 - The Dyad

Proprietary Lecture Notes

Journaling has several important cognitive functions that I would like you to experience writing your Journals.  Please read, re-read and fully understand the following instructions for the form of all of your Journal articles.   

Please read the following web page about the benefits of Journaling:   Journaling link 

Type a title page and attach it to the front of your Journal article.  Use one-inch margins and a Times New Roman 16 font on the title page. Type the following four lines of text on the title page: 

(1) Your name

(2) SOCI 1113.101.30355

(3) Journal #1 - The Dyad

(4) Submit on Blackboard under JOURNAL 1 June 18 by 11:59 pm. 

Write a Journal that is a minimum of two pages of pure copy in length.  Add the title page to the two pages of copy.  If you desire, your Journal can be longer if your creative and introspective thoughts require more space. 

Type your Journal as a Word document.  DO NOT USE any program that requires me to sign into an "account" (Google docs?) to open your document.  A document that will not open with one click will receive zero points.  Use a Times New Roman 12-point font.  Use one-inch margins for the body of your Journal.  Double space your Journal article.  Include a title page to the two page Journal.  Double space four lines of text on the title page:  your name, the name and course number for your class,  Journal #1: The Dyad, and the date and time that the assignment is due.  Use one-inch margins and a Times New Roman 16 font on the title page.  Center the text at the top of the title page.

Your Journal must be a minimum of three pages in length which includes the title page.

Write an introspective Journal.  Carefully consider the Journal questions before you begin writing.  Consider the truthfulness of your thoughts and share them in your writing.  Write your Journal articles as many times as you must to fully communicate and clarify your thoughts and feelings so that you may gain valuable self-knowledge through writing the Journal assignments throughout the semester. 

Discuss the dyadic structures within your own family.  Consider the following  questions:

(1) How many dyadic (two-person) relationships are there in your family's social structure?

(2) Evaluate these dyadic relationships in terms of social interaction, social bonding and culture.

(3) Does the Dyad help uncover diverse social nuances in your family structure?

You will be assessed on the form of the Journal according to the Journaling instructions and will not be assessed over your introspective thoughts.  Email your Journal #1 assignment according to the Instructions on your learning management platform (D2L or BLACKBOARD).  If your Journal assignment is not submitted under these terms, it will be considered late and will be subject to the late submission terms of the Syllabus detailed in Section (9) LATE ASSIGNMENTS AND MAKE-UP WORK under GRADING POLICY and ASSIGNMENT LIST.  Access your Syllabus link on Blackboard to re-read this Section.