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Journaling has several important cognitive functions.  Please read the following web page about a few of the benefits of Journaling:  


To write your Journal, type a title page and attach it to the front of your Journal article.  Type the following three lines of text on the title page: 

(1) Your name

(2) Name of Journal Assignment

(3) Date Assignment is due

Then write a Journal that is a minimum of two pages of pure copy in length.  Add the title page to the two pages of copy.  If you desire, your Journal can be longer if your creative and introspective thoughts require more space.  Type your Journal as a Word document.  Use a 12-point font.  Use one-inch marginsDouble space your Journal article. Your Journal must be a minimum of three pages in length which includes the title page Write an introspective Journal.  Carefully consider the Journal assignment before you begin writing.  Write your Journal articles as many times as you must to fully communicate and clarify your thoughts. Submit your Journal under the Assignments link in D2L


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