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      Proprietary Lecture Notes



Read each fill-in-the-blank question carefully.  Some questions may require more than one answer.  In the body of an email message, type your answers ONLY numbered 1 through 35 and send YOUR ANSWERS ONLY in the email message to me. DO NOT TYPE OR CUT & PASTE THE EXAM QUESTIONS WITH YOUR ANSWERS OR SEND ME A WORD DOCUMENT WITH THE QUESTIONS OR SEND YOUR ANSWERS IN SOME TYPE OF LINKED FILE.  Simply start an email message to me with your ANSWERS ONLY numbered from 1 to 35.

EXAMPLE:  Type in the email message:

1.  answer

2.  answer

3.  answer

4.  answer

5.  answer

Continued to question #35.

You have 50 minutes from the time the test begins to take the test and 5 more minutes to email YOUR ANSWERS ONLY to me.  Late exams submitted more than 55 minutes after the Exam begins will not receive a grade.

You may use your notes only.  Students that use sources of information other than notes are guilty of academic misconduct and cheating.  Students must not take the Exam with any other person.  Please keep the bar high.  Respect TCC’s requirement of academic integrity.


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