Dr. John Lamberton, Clinical Sociologist
Putting Sociology to Work



Proprietary Lecture Notes

Key topics to study for the first exam.

1.  Syllabus: Read and study the Syllabus on Blackboard (TCC)  or D2L (UCO).

2.  What is Sociology?

3.  Why document?

4.  Read and study Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Achievement.

5.  What is the Dyad?

6.  What is Symbolic Interactionism:  Irving Goffman?

7.  What is the Neo-Cortex and what is it's function in human development?

8.  What is the Bell Curve:  Central Tendency vs. Variance?

9.  What is Culture?

10.  What are RITUALS and why are they important for people to construct and follow?

11.  What is Socialization?  Study Socialization PowerPoint on Blackboard (TCC)  or D2L (UCO).

12.  Read and study Chapters 1, 3, and 4 in online text.