Dr. John Lamberton, Clinical Sociologist



      Proprietary Lecture Notes

Please complete midterm course and self evaluations.  Type your evaluations using the same format as course Journals.  Please DO NOT include a title page with your name on it when you type evaluations.  Send your evaluations as an email attachment to my TCC email address at john.lamberton@tulsacc.edu any time Friday, March 13. Please use the following questions to organize the content of your evaluations.


Please thoughtfully complete a mid-term course evaluation by answering the following questions.  Type your evaluation just as you would your journals. 

1. What did you know about the academic discipline of Sociology before you enrolled in the course? Please Explain.

2. Did you know more about Psychology than Sociology before you enrolled in this course?  Please Explain.

3.  What are the two most important things you've learned in this class and why do you believe they are the important?

4. How many hours do you study Sociology outside of class?  Do you think that your study habits will allow you to obtain the final grade you want?

5. Is there anything you can think of that you could do to make this class a more positive learning experience for you and your classmates?

6. What do you need to do for yourself to be more successful in this class?

7. What does Dr. Lamberton need to do to help you be more successful in Intro Sociology?

8. What parts of Dr. Lambertonís course management helped you most in this course?

9. What parts of the course blocked you from performing at your best?

10. Is your performance to date reflective of your learning capability?

Are there any other thoughts you have that are important for this evaluation?