Dr. John Lamberton, Clinical Sociologist



      Proprietary Lecture Notes

Greetings everyone!  I hope you have enjoyed your spring break under what may be challenging circumstances.  I have missed each of you.  Morgan and I have been distancing ourselves socially.  Our excursions have been limited to the Ranch where we have enjoyed taking care of the livestock and walking in the forest.  Our family is well and we pray that you and your families are well also.

I am extremely excited!!!  We have a very unique opportunity in front of each of us.  Our opportunity is straight out of a good Sociology textbook.  Our academic journey until the end of the semester represents a perfect social laboratory in which to learn more about Sociology.  And just like our personal Journals, we will continue to study Sociology together within the boundaries of our own social experiences going forward.

I intend to guide each of you through the weeks ahead on GAME PLAN.  Continue to use GAME PLAN for Announcements, Assignments, Exams, and important Course Information.  However, if you have questions or concerns, you may always email me at john.lamberton@tulsacc.edu.

The following list of announcements represents the beginning of our online course:

(1)  I donít know each of you well enough to guess how you will react to our new circumstances with our class now online.  Even so, I am going to ask each of you to think, go slowly and carefully, and perform each assignment and exam well.  Hopefully the course instructions will be clear.  But if you donít understand something, first ask classmates about their interpretation of an announcement or assignment.  However, if you still donít understand something after checking with classmates, you may always email me.

(2)  The course will essentially be the same as before with just a few changes.  The course assessments will not change.  You will still learn about Sociology on GAMEPLAN.  I will post assignments on Mondays and Wednesdays with due dates.  We will continue to Journal, we may still have Exit Quizzes, we will have several more Exams and you will still have a Presentation. I will stay about one week ahead of the course on GAMEPLAN.  Donít be concerned if you see links on GAMEPLAN in future weeks that are not ďhot.Ē  Just take the course week by week.

(3) The first obvious change is that instead of meeting in our classrooms at TCC-West or UHS we will meet virtually on Zoom (an internet website) at least once a week with a start time that will correspond with the beginning of your class according to the TCC schedule we have been following.  If your class previously began at 9:30am or 12:20pm or 1:50pm, our ZOOM class will begin at that time.  I will email you each week with a hot link with a web address and start time.  The hot link for our meetings will remain the same.  It represents my virtual room on Zoom that never changes.  Only the date of the meetings will change.  You may enter the Zoom meeting up to 15 minutes ahead of time.  I have not completely planned the length of each Zoom meeting.  It may be up to 40 minutes or it may be two 35-minute sessions with a 10-minute break in between sessions.  Not every Zoom meeting will be the same time length.  We may be able to complete them easily within 40 minutes.  We will find out together.  Since we have not used Zoom before, our Zoom classes will be an experiment with changes along the way.  IMPORTANT:  Zoom will show me if you are late or if you leave the class.  Late entry into the class will result in automatic 5-point deductions and absences will result in automatic 10-point deductions from your Attendance scores.  No exceptions.

There is also a way for us to meet virtually on BLACKBOARD COLLOBORATE ULTRA.  Many TCC faculty may use this site.  However, for now we will experiment on Zoom.

MORE IMPORTANTLY:  RIGHT NOW!!! I need from each of you to send me an email confirming whether or not you have either (1) audio only to hear and speak or (2) audio and video capabilities on your iPhone, laptop and/or PC Ė whatever technology or technologies you will use for the remainder of the semester. You may access Zoom on your iPhone with the Zoon app you may download for free from your app store.   Please type your name and the following number in the subject line of your email:

TCC-West @ 9:30am: TYPE 401

UHS @ 12:20pm TYPE 631

UHS @ 1:50pm TYPE 634

(4)  Blackboard will still be a major component of our classes.  We will take our Exams and Exit Quizzes on Blackboard.  The Exams will still be objective questions.  The Exams will be timed.  The time limit depends upon the number of questions on each Exam.  You may use your notes on the Exams just like before.  With that said, there is nothing to stop you from cheating and using sources other than your notes.  However, I am asking you to be honorable and observe the instructions for Exams.  I ask you to please report anyone that you discover is cheating.  You may email me confidentially about anything you hear or know about another student.  As you know, anyone who cheats will be automatically and quickly dropped from the class.

(5) We will continue to Journal each week using the topics we normally study in Sociology.  GAMEPLAN will instruct you on each Journal assignment with due dates.  Since we are now totally online, your Journals will be graded much more carefully since they will remain an important part of your assessment.  Spend time writing these Journals and do your best.

(6) I may have blogs, podcasts and videos over the next weeks.  The number of these posted learning techniques may vary depending upon the success of our Zoom classes.  So, I will activate these other learning methods week-by-week depending upon the material we process in our Zoom classes.

(7)  You first assignment is to read the Syllabus Addendum on GAMEPLAN.  TCC required that all teaching faculty execute an assigned Addendum template to the end of our class Syllabus.  Hopefully the Addendum and this email should answer your questions.